Make the I.F.L.S.T. (Ice Fishing Life Saving Tool)




Introduction: Make the I.F.L.S.T. (Ice Fishing Life Saving Tool)

About: I'm sixteen years old and i am very passionate about shooting my bow and bow hunting. I also coach childerens archery in the winter. I like to fish and make lots of my own hunting and fishing equipment.

Falling through the ice is a risk every ice fisherman takes. Falling through the ice can kill you by both drowning, and even if you get out, hypothermia. Getting out is tricky since the ice is slippery, but luckily people have invented a tool ice fishermen can wear to help get out. You could buy these, but it isnt to hard to make them.
Tou will need:
- two pieces of round wood to act as handles (broom sticks work very well)
- two medium sized nails
- paracord
- a drill
- a hammer
- something to cut the nail
- a file

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Step 1: Prepare the Handles

The handles should be about the size of your palm in length. Make them comfortable by sanding them.

Step 2: Add a Nail to Each Handle

Drill holes slightly smaller than the width of the nails you have. This will ensure a tight fit so you wont have to glie them. Dont make the hole too deep. You want the nail to stick out about an inch to an inch and a half before cutting and sharpening.

Step 3: Cut and Sharpen the Nails

Trim off the head of the nail. Then sharpen it on the file until it is poited but you dont fear it stabing into you by accident.

Step 4: Add the String

The string will run through the arms of your coat so place your arms out in front of you, then measure the string from your fingertips to fingertips going around your back. Next drill holes on the other end of the handles that the string can go through. Tie it off so the string can't slip through and you are done.

Step 5: Use.

Make sure to wear these every time you go icefishing. After that, hopefully you wont have to use them, but in the case you do, stab the nails into the ice arpund the hole. This will give you a grip to pull your self up out of the freezing water. Seek heat imediatly and try to get dry before hypothermia sets in.

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    4 years ago

    Idont think it advisable to trust your life to un tempered nails, also the length of pick seems a little bit long, just trying to keep people safe ok.


    6 years ago on Introduction

    This is stolen from a field and steam, I have seen this before. Poster has another from them as well.