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This lamp will allow you to charge your cell phone or tablet. This design also allows the lamp to be hung for a clutter-free night stand. This design also offers a switched ac outlet for additional chargers, accessories, etc.

Step 1: Base Construction

The dimensions of the box can be customized. The ends of the sides are beveled at 45 degrees. A set of sides are 5 3/4" x 3" and 7" x 3". The top and bottom are 7" x 5 3/4". The four sides are laid out end to end and taped together. Flip the four taped pieces over and apply glue. Fold together to make the sides. Apply glue to top of sides and set the top pieces on top. Flip over. Apply glue to the triangles and press into the corners. Keep these triangles slightly lower from the top.

Step 2: Make the Tower

The dimensions of the tower are 1 3/4" x 3". The sides are beveled at 45 degrees. Glue together using wood glue.

Step 3: Design a Layout

Design the layout of the ac outlet, the usb charger, the dimmer pot hole and the switches. Tape the layout on the top of the box and cut out with a hobby knife. Use some pressure on the knife as you are not just cutting out the layout you are also marking the wood. I used a drill to start the cut into the layout of the usb hub and ac socket. I then used a jig saw to cut closer to the layout. I also used a miniature rotary sander and also a chisel to complete layout holes. For the electrical switches I used a spade wood bit for their cutout. After everything fits into it's cutout it's time to sand.

Step 4: Sanding the Box and Tower

Mount the bottom using drywall screws. Remove screws and drill the countersink. Reattach bottom and sand with palm sander. Sand the tower. The tower will also need two notches to be cut into the backside. Carefully cut 1/2 " on the table saw. You can see from the picture I cut a little extra. The fixall filler fixed the mistake. After the tower and the box is wiped down. The tower can be glued to the box.

Step 5: Paint the Box

This is the fun part. Take outside and paint with your favorite color. Two coats should be sufficient.

Step 6: Some Electrical Parts

The ready made parts from Walmart are ready to go. The clip is not in the kit and can be acquired from some electrical supply stores or even ebay. The clip's legs have to be straightened on the vice. Two washers, two screws and two nuts are required to mount the clip into the tower.

Step 7: Install the Clip Into the Tower

The clip has to bend and stop in the notches in the tower. Find , drill and mount the clip in the best position for smooth operation. Install the bottom harp part, the neck and the bottom of the socket.

Step 8: Mount Dimmer

Screw in the dimmer. You might have to cut the screws if they are too long.The dimmer knob might require a slight mod if the shaft from dimmer isn't long enough to turn on/off the light socket. In that case use some rigid cardboard and fit into the knob before attaching onto the dimmer shaft. Also solder wire to switches. Also at this point we can run the lamp wire into the base and route to bulb socket. Hot and Neutral polarity should be observed. The brass tab on the socket should connect to hot from the wire and the tin tab should connect to neutral side. Once the lamp wire is connected to the socket it can be cut in the base provided there is enough of a length for movement of the lamp socket.

Step 9: Wiring the Components

Insert the lamp wire into the base and make a knot for the strain relief. Mark the Hot from the light bulb socket with some tape. Also mark the Hot from the lamp wire. For connecting the usb hub I used a line outlet I had harvested from some Christmas lights. Please refer to the diagram for easy and quick wiring. Note that I opted to solder and then tape all the electrical connections. Note: If you haven't worked with electrical circuits before ask someone that has. It is always better to be safe than sorry.

Step 10: Base Bottom

The bottom of the lamp will need a channel for the wire for when it is mounted on the wall. Also keyhole slots will be needed for mounting to wall. The wire channel can be created right down the middle with a saw or a router. The keyhole slots are 2 inches from top and sides.

Step 11: Use on Nightstand or Wall

Use on the nightstand or if you like less clutter mount on wall. Use with a dimmable led for energy efficient lighting.



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    8 Discussions


    2 years ago

    Nice! I really like the bright blue color of the base!

    By the way, I recommend covering the exposed wires, with something electrical tape. There's a product that's really easy to use, but I forgot it's name. Even Heat-shrink could be better! ;)

    1 reply
    Sajjad AhmedYonatan24

    Reply 2 years ago

    Thank you ! I believe you are referring to the switch contacts inside the base. Yes, those can be heat shrink wrapped or taped with electric tape. Redundancy of safety measures when working with electricity is never a bad thing!


    This is really cool. I think that this is the first time that I have seen a lamp that can be both a wall light and a desk lamp.

    1 reply

    2 years ago

    Nice little lamp. Awful 685456. Wrong shade. Look at some design magazines.

    1 reply