Make Tin Crystals Using Toilet Cleaner




Introduction: Make Tin Crystals Using Toilet Cleaner

I'm going to show you how to grow delicate tin crystals using toilet cleaner. NOTE: The solution IS a strong acid. Don't use any metal containers as it may get corroded use plastic containers or glass ware.

You Can Buy Tin Online or in a local store, MAKE SURE IT'S TIN NOW ALUMINUM.

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Step 1: Making the Solution

Pour Some Some Toilet Cleaner (Must Contain Hydrochloric acid, I recommend 15%+) into a container. Then put some tin inside the container, make sure you remove the oxide layer first: sand it or melt it in a stove and pour the liquid tin on a flat surface to harden (Tin melts on a ordinary Kitchen Stove). The amount of tin required depends on how concentrated the solution is.

Leave it in the container for at least a week or two.

Step 2: Collect the Solution

After A Week, the solution should be clear, you may have a dark colored insolvent in the bottom of the container. pour the solution into a bottle (recommended), Try to get as little insolvent as possible, There maybe some tin left, if so then get it out, You can use the tin later.

Step 3: Make the Crystal

Get a large lid or a lid or something and pour the solution in.

here is the full explanation on the step:

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    Nice DIY chemistry project. If you want to make the video a little easier for people to view, you can embed it in the step using the Embed Video tool in the step editor. Then people will be able to just watch the video on the page.