Make (Tiny) Very High Voltage From Electric Swatter

About: I was only 12 years old kids, on fifth grade, I was trying to make a dc generator for powering my house lamp, from that I like to make things that have a high voltage

The sparks can go up to 0.6 cm, you can upgrade it with increasing input voltage

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Step 1: Modifying Electric Swatter

Just open up your electric swatter, and you will find the circuit like at the photo,and remove the big red capacitor like I show you in the photo

Step 2: Time to Desolder the Capacitor

Desolder the one big red capacitor, on other side, that is cable going to output volt, so keep that mind the polarity, after you desolder the capacitor, resolder the cable output, thats gonna be the high voltage output

Step 3: Time to Play It!!!

Put the input voltage between 1.5 volt to 9 volt, keep that mind if you put input voltage above 3 volt, don't turn on too long or you will burn the transistor and the voltage multiplier, have fun with it, in the photo I'm using 4 aa duracell battery and it's fully functional working... Have fun ...



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