Make Green-Friendly Tools From Plastic Coat-Hangers




Reclaimed from an alley trash can. Just trying to save the environment, one step at a time.

It might not be as detailed as it would be with an Epilog Zing Laser Etcher.
But, it's still a useful tool! ; - )

I thought: why waste the energy sending old plastic coat-hangers to the landfill; or waste energy melting them down at a recycling plant? Every time I put something in the trash, or see something being thrown away, I always wonder how these items could be repurposed.

Voila! Hanger Tools!

Materials Needed:
Plastic Coat Hanger
Wire-Cutters (or a hacksaw)

Step 1: Get a Hanger and Cut a Piece Out of It.

If you see plastic hangers in the trash, get 'em! You can make tools out of them.

The size of piece that you choose to cut from this great re-usable resource, depends on what kind of tool you are making. This tool is for burnishing and writing into copper. So, I cut about a six-inch piece out of this one. Choose any section of the hanger that fits your need. I chose one of the corners because then you can hanger the tool from its hook when you're finished using it.

Step 2: Form the Tip

I used 320-grit sandpaper to form the tip of this one. But, you could use a belt-sander as well.

Step 3: Use Your Tool!


I grabbed a small piece of copper sheet that i had lying around. And, I'm aware that my artwork could have been more detailed if I had an Epilog Laser Etcher. But, I wanted to quickly show how effective the tool was. Check out the pics.

Have fun. And, don't get hurt.



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    6 years ago on Introduction

    a cool thing to do with these kind of plastic hangers is cut them with a tool to size of your wrist or like i like my little girls size and put them in hot water enough to bend the plastic into a round shape take out of hot water wearing gloves and bend into a round shape for a cool bracelet ! make hundreds, if you like for her friends too!

    I was thinking about reusing plastic coat hangers yesterday. I was thinking that if there was a good source of plastic blocks about 1" on a side, you could tap them and use them as connectors and build things from coat hanger rods.


    9 years ago on Introduction

    you could also make flat chisel like tips for working with clay or soft materials. Great start though


    10 years ago on Introduction

    I really liked your idea and I needed a plastic pointed tool and I thought that I could guess use a piece of plastic hanger and run it through my pencil sharpener. Worked great and thanks for the idea.

    1 reply

    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    Awesome, sd. I'm glad you were able to use this idea. If you get a chance, upload an image, here in the reply. In the coming future, I hope to add a whole list of different types of 'Hanger-Tools' made from old hangers.