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Hi guys, it's me, and I am back with a pretty make-up tutorial! (My first one!) Sorry, my eyes are kind of bugged out right there, haha...

Step 1: The Make-Up You'll Need

-Eye-Shadow (I use Essence Love-Letters)
-Mascara (I use Almay One-Coat Lengthening)
-Lip-Stick (I use Covergirl LipPerfection Jumbo Gloss Balm)
-Lipgloss (This is optional. I use Smashbox Sheer Color Lip Enhancing Gloss)
-Eyeliner (When I use eyeliner, I use it from my Urban Decay eye-shadow kit)

Step 2: Eye-Shadow

Lightly brush a color over your eyelids. Add a lighter layer right on your brow-bone, and an even lighter one above it.

Step 3: Eye-Liner

Use the pencil to apply a thin line above your lashes.

Step 4: Mascara

Brush the mascara wand over your lashes, and blink into the brush once or twice.

Step 5: Lip-Stick

Use the lip-stick in a full line over your lips, and then press your lips together to spread it over your lips.

Step 6: Lip-Gloss

Use the brush to spread a layer of gloss over your lips, kind of like painting them.



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