Make Xbox Power Light Red Instead of Green

Change the color of the power button light circle on the xbox to red.

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Step 1: Open Xbox

There are screws under the rubber feet and stickers under the xbox. Remove and lift the top off.

Step 2: Take Everything Out

unscrew and unplug HD and disk drive and put aside. Now remove all the motherboard and power supply screws take those out and the fan (not necessary). My Xbox looks different because I took out all the metal so it is easier to take apart.

Step 3: Take Off Face Plate and Pull Out Power Button PCB

The face plate is snapped in where the red circles are there are no screws. To get it off bend it and pull and finagle till it pops off. To get the PCB out first push down on the clip marked by the arrow.

Step 4: Wire Swap

We need to find and mark wires 5, 6, 7, and 8. On the board they go from 1 to 9 it is labeled. I marked 5 and 6 red on both ends and 7 and 8 are black. follow the wire to the small plug and mark. Pull these wires out on the small end by lifting the small plastic clip and pulling the wire out. Switch 5 with 6 and 7 with 8. Push the wires back in the holes.

Step 5: Put It All Back

Put everything back together. Buttons in face plate, snap plate on case, screw in motherboard and power supply, connect controller ports, make sure to plug power button in to motherboard, connect disk drive with IDE cable and yellow wires, put in HD, screw it all together, put top on, plug in and turn on. The light is now RED.

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    12 Discussions

    Softmod it with xbmc, then you can just control the color: orange, green, red, or all three in a cycle.


    10 years ago on Introduction

    i remember doing this way back when i actually had an original xbox (sold it for $360 in 2006 (haha my $120 investment into a 300GB HDD and LED's actually payed off =) )
    turned out that when i softmodded the thing i could do it without opening it lol

    2 replies

    10 years ago on Introduction

    You know you can do this faster if you just drop your system down some stairs... haha


    10 years ago on Introduction

    You can do this if you mod your firmware. I have it set so that by default the color is orange and then when it is playing content (movies, music etc.) the light turns off. Nice instructable though.


    You might be able to do half and half with different wire switching. The other end plugs into the mother board you do not need glue. The wires can pop out and back in the white plastic part with out cutting or soldering.