Make You Own Portable Phone Charger From a Mint Tin in 7 Steps




Introduction: Make You Own Portable Phone Charger From a Mint Tin in 7 Steps

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In this video will explain how to make mobile mobile charger will easily all Masellsmk is this stuff and watch the video for yourself easily manufactured by


USB car adapter

Needle nose pliers

9 volt battery clip

9 volt battery

Empty mint tin

Electrical tape

Soldering iron and solder or soldering iron kit

Phone cord

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    3 years ago

    A 9V battery is a very very poor choice for charging a USB gadget. By design, a 9V has a high voltage but low amperage. You won't get more than a couple percentage points into your USB gadget from it. A 9V battery has 500mAh of capacity in it whereas a AA battery as around 2,500mAh of capacity. Another downside is that 9Vs cost much more than AA batteries do. This is why every single mobile charger thats sold in stores uses either AA batteries or an internal 3.7V lithium battery. To get to the 5Vs for USB they uses a step up converter to boost the voltage, as opposed to the STEP DOWN converter that a car battery adaptor has. Nothing against your write up, I just always post this comment when someone makes a "Charge your phone from a 9V" instructable. Using AAs and a $5 Step Up converter off Amazon is a much better option. Shoot, spend a couple dollars more and use rechargeable AAs, then you're not creating lots of battery waste. (And for even more reference, AAs also stink at charging gadgets. A 2600mAh lithium battery is a cheap and easy rechargeable source for making your own USB charger. Just don't forget to get a $5 Boosting Circuit and a $5 lithium charge controller.)


    3 years ago

    Interesting project. Did you measure the output voltage? Car batteries are between 12.6 and 14.7 V. USB chargers are around 5 V. Your battery is 9 V. Does the power converter of your cigarette lighter plug really provide a stable 5 V from your setup?

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    Awesome! Now I can play Pokemon Go even longer. Thanks for sharing.

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    Reply 3 years ago

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