Make Your Cleaning Supplies Last Longer.

Simple life hack that will save you money in the long run.

Step 1: Make Your Cleaning Mixture

Make the solution you are cleaning with. I use Murphys oil soap and a little dish soap for the hardwood floors in my house. I needed to get some stains out of the floors before we sanded them and scrubbing results in a lot of bucket changes.

Step 2: And Here's the Little Hack to Make Your Wallet Happy

Fill a second bucket full of water (as hot as posible for moping, and as hot as you can handle for scrubbing).It may seem like a quite simple and insignificant thing to do but it is beyond helpful.

Step 3: The Felling of Success and Savings

The bucket on the left is my solution after 3 times moping and a whole lot of scrubbing. All I did was wring out the mop and sponge in the bucket of water and then the solution and continued. I used the solution for 3 rooms and a set of stairs and had to replace the water bucket numerous times but in the process saved a lot of solution mix.

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    2 years ago

    Really cool idea! Thanks for sharing!