Make Your Coat Brand New

About: I am a graduated furniture maker from the Netherlands. After 6 years of studies I am wondering what to do in with my life :P so I challenged myself to create something for every contest I can enter :D

Intro: Make Your Coat Brand New

Some fabrics pill or shed little flubbers all over themselves. Ofcourse you can use a sticky roller but they are not as good as the next thing:

Step 1: Use a (old) Razor

Using your old razor is a great way to save some money and actually do a better job then with a sticky roller.

slightly pull your rasor down when your other hand holds the fabric tight.

Step 2: But Be Careful!

Be careful around the buttons and stitching because you can easily cut the fabric. But if you will be careful then you will end up with a new coat (or other piece of clothing)

Your welcome :D



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