Make Your Drawings Move!!!





Introduction: Make Your Drawings Move!!!

Bring your Cartoons to life. Find how to put motion into your 2d animations, No projectors needed or anything else, just a marker, scissors and some Paper,

Step 1: Materials!!!

No Expensive equipment needed, just these 3 items

1 Marker
1 Pair of Scissors
1 Pc of Paper

Step 2: Fold and Draw!!!

Take your piece of paper and fold it.
Open it and begin to draw any picture you want.
It's best if the drawing is in the lower center part of the paper

Step 3: Trace and Cut!!!

After you have completed your picture, Close the Paper and on the outside, Trace the same picture you drew, except make a few modifications, for example in this pictures the ears are pointed make them flat, and any facial expressions you can change make the picture look even better.

Once finished Tracing the picture, cut two vertical lines up about 2/3 of the page, make sure the pic is in the center.
*Note-Do this only to the outside drawing

Step 4: Roll and Move!!!

Place your marker on the edge of the paper and roll up your the door you cut,

Roll the marker up and down and you'll be amazed that your picture will actually be moving,
Watch the Instructional video full results

This is a great activity for kids.



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     there is no video... :(

    I tried it thanks now I can finally make my cartoon I will put it on here soon you rock!

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    yeah, I ripped all my flip o rama pages =P

    they should be laminated or plastic or something...

    wait, that is actually a good, I had a good idea

    Don't tell us - the speculation is fun...<br/><br/><ul class="curly"><li>Signature image?</li><li>Embarrassing tattoos?</li><li>OCD?</li><li>Allergies?</li></ul>