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Haven't you always hated the way your boxy concert tees have fit you? Here is the perfect solution! Turn your favorite concert tee into one you will love to wear with a new raglan sleeve!

Step 1: What You Will Need...

1 favorite concert tee shirt (or try it first on a shirt you are just ehh about.)

Pair of sharp scissors

Some twill tape, or wide string


1/3 yard stretchy knit for the sleeve.

Thread to match

A dress form, or a friend, or maybe your sister?

And finally a chalk pencil.

Step 2: Getting Started...

Start by cutting off the neck band of the tee. You can use the seam as a guide. Then put it on your dress form or person. Its best to have a body to do the next step on since its really hard to do on your self...

Step 3: Patterning the Sleeve...

Use the twill tape or thick string you have to create the desired line for the sleeve you want by pinning it at the front neck about 2-3" down from the shoulder seam. Then follow the body as a guide pinning as you go along to the underarm. Be sure to pin there, then continue around the back, again using the body as a guide to the back neck hole, then cut off the excess tape. Use a chalk pencil to mark where the underarm is (this is especially important if there is no side seam!). Remove the tee shirt, CAREFULLY, you don't want to stick anyone with a pin, do ya?!

Step 4: Start Cutting Er' Up!

Lay you tee flat and start cutting from the front neck, on the outside of the tape to the underarm. Be sure to not cut the back layer!!! Flip the tee over and cut the back to the underarm. Be sure to cut a small notch on the body where the old sleeve seam was and where your chalk mark should be. (This is where your new sleeve's underarm sleeve will go!) Now fold the body of the tee in half and use the cut side as your guide to cut the other sleeve off, again notching where the under arm seam will go. Now take one of the sleeves you cut off and lay it flat with the underarm seam facing up. Cut right along the seam and unfold it, and voila you have your sleeve pattern!

Step 5: Almost DONE!!!

Now grab your fabric and fold it in two. Place the cut off sleeve on top and cut it out adding 1/2" seam allowance at the underarm seams. You are ready to stitch! I used a serger but a sewing machine set to a strechy stitch would do just fine too. Stitch the sleeve together and pin the seam to the underarm notch. Then starting from the neck stitch the sleeve to shirt, repeat on the other side. You are sooooo close! Now hem up the neck and the sleeves for a nice look or for that true rocker glam, let the raw edges RULE!

Step 6: Now ROCK ON!

Annnndddd your done. Have any questions? Ask me in the comment section, I'm always glad to help! Like this project? Vote for me!



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    2 years ago

    My Darling Granddaughter and I love this, it's our fave project ever! We made it today (yes, one day) together; mostly her, she's 15 & I helped a little. We also cut in the sides about 1.5" at the waist in a gentle curve, giving it a more feminine look.

    3 replies

    Reply 2 years ago

    That is sooo cool! Right on, I would love to see a photo if you ever get a chance... And thanks for letting me know a 15 year old liked my project, means I still got the magical " it"! HA!


    Reply 2 years ago

    We want you to know, I am disabled, and she has Asperger's; so, unless directions are VERY CLEAR, we don't even bother! Yours are sooooo PERFECT, we had no troubles, finished it in ONE VERY SHORT AFTERNOON!!

    Thank you so much for taking your time and effort to help others; we almost feel like it was a personal thing, like just for us!! We are grateful, please keep posting!

    P.S. She asked me if she can have a sleepover, have a few girlfriends bring their old shirts, and have a "T-Shirt Re-Do Party" soon (many of her friends are migrants or their parents work in the fields, so this kinda thing is a real big deal for them!!) Heck, yes, I got the thread and machine ready!!

    Much love and many Blessings to you!


    Reply 2 years ago

    Wow, thank you for taking the time to tell me all this! As with all things I create, I take them very personally, so its very nice to know that you two had a personal experience with this. Makes me want to do more! So stay tuned, and have fun with those girls on their sleepover!


    Reply 2 years ago

    Well thanks parisusa! Excited to be part of this cool community!