Make Your Life Easy - Useful Illustrator Shortcuts!!

Introduction: Make Your Life Easy - Useful Illustrator Shortcuts!!

It is a relief to have shortcuts in all these design programs. Some shortcuts however are very useful and make your life very easy when you are working with them.

On Windows:

1) Ctrl C is to copy but what if you want to paste the copied object right over your original object? In Indesign, you call it "paste in place" and in illustrator you press Ctrl F on your keyboard to achieve the task.

2) To create text into outlines so you can treat it like any other shape or path, you simply press SHIFT CTRL O (the vowel) and instantly your text will have all these paths that you can modify and play around with.

3) To view your work without any panels bugging you - Quickly press TAB on your keyboard to vanish the panels and TAB again to bring them all back. This is very useful when you want to see your work on your art board in isolation.

4) Have you ever tried to double-click on the tools in your tool bar? Try it! You will see that the options open up and you can easily set your values!

5) If you want to create multiple copies of the first object you created on your art board, simply press F4 on your keyboard and see what happens!

Try these! I will update you with more useful shortcuts.

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