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Introduction: Make Your Mini Drone Bigger !

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Tiny Quad-copters (Drones) are really awesome to fly at any time ,the fact that you can get an exact small copy of a big sized drone for just 15 $ nowadays !

So Why Not Think Bigger , I mean Let's Make a Mini Drone Bigger ! So Let's Get Started !!!

I Highly Recommend Watching My Tutorial Video First, so you will get an clear idea about each step .

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Step 1: Choose Your Favorite Quad-copters !

You Can Choose Any Tiny Quad-copter You Like (Let Me Know Your Choise !) , I like Cheerson CX-10 It is very fun to fly and syma X5SW For The Bigger Body

Although I will not recommend you to use the body of Syma X5SW because it has lots of problems and its very fragile ,so please let me know which do you recommend me .

I Only ordered the body parts of a bigger drone which was quiet cheap ,and many seller's on ebay sell parts combined so you don't have to search a lot ! Just search for " ________ Quadcopter Parts"

Step 2: TearDown Mini Quad-copter !

I am glad that i choosen Cheerson CX-10 ,it's build quality is really good even better that some of the overpriced drones you can buy that here

The Drone Uses STM32 ARM-core MCU, a 6-axis IMU (mpu6050) and the wireless transmitter ,and uses 2310 which is 6 Ampere Mosfet , battery Is Just 100 mAh , i later Upgraded it with 500 mAh Lipo Battery

Here are custom firmwares for CX10 ,if you want to tweak IMU values

Step 3: Few Important Things to Consider ! Mosfet's

Please Confirm the datasheet of the Mosfet which your drone is using and the current your motors consume at full throttle ,luckily motors i used only consumed 4 Amperes and the on board Mosfet's can handle 6 Amperes

So without replacing mosfet's i hooked up 4 bigger sized motors and tested temperature at full throttle ,everything was cool !

Assembling Drone Was Quiet a Learning Experience !

Remember less weight ,more flight time and easy to build !

Step 4: First Test Flight !

Well , The First Flight Was Good , the drone actually flew really high but it having a really unexpected problem !

The Drone is wobbling back and forth a little bit making the flight unstable click here to watch

A Quick look to the propeller's showed a tiny distance due to which propeller's are vibrating ,this is the design flaw of Syma X5SW (Consider Using other Stable Bodies) .

Step 5: Second Test Flight !

To Reduce That Wobble in flight which propeller's are making ,i added a small piece of hard plastic straw ,which worked out pretty well as the rotors are quit stable now ,this time it actually sounded like a proper drone and was able to fly at more higher altitude than before.

But still the drone is wobbling somehow ,so i fixed the flight controller circuit to the body with few screws ,but still it's having same performance !

Step 6: Final Thoughts !

There is bit of a learning curve here , The cause of this problem is not due to hardware issues but it was software !

These drones uses 6 Axis IMU to compensate for the external winds / Forces in order to keep drone stable so if suppose drone is falling from it's first propeller side then the motor corresponding to that side will rotate faster to keep drone stable , These actions are done in real time and at very faster rates so if the rate at which this adjustments are done is very sensitive back and forth oscillations will be developed in this system .

The Solution can be to hack into the CX-10 Firmware and Tweak this values

Here's CX-10 Firmware

Other things like

1. Keeping the Weight as Little as Possible

2. Every Side Should Have Same Weight

You're Good To Go !!!

Hope You Enjoyed This Instructibles !

Please Share it and Vote Me as it helps me a lot ,Thank You !

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