Make Your Own BLOOD!




Introduction: Make Your Own BLOOD!

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Making your own fake blood at home is quick & easy, whether you're staging a home zombie apocalypse or your own red wedding extravaganza!

Step 1: Supplies

You will need:

  • corn syrup
  • food coloring


  • wondra
  • cornstarch
  • ground coffee
  • oatmeal

Step 2: Corn Syrup

Pour the corn syrup into a spillproof container either outside or over a towel so you don't stain your furniture. Depending on how much blood I need, I like to mix it in a large empty waterbottle (then you can poke a hole in the lid and squirt it at people) or a bucket.

Step 3: Add Food Coloring

Add plenty of red food coloring...

And then add a few drops of either green or blue food coloring. This keeps it from looking TOO red, which is the problem with most fake blood.

Add more green for diseased zombie blood; more blue for old, congealed blood; less of either color for fresh blood.



Add oatmeal, crushed cornflakes, cornstarch, or ground coffee for congealed or gross blood.

Add wondra or flour for thick blood.


and watch this.



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    although i've seen many ways of doing a homebrew blood, some cheaper, some easier, yours made me to think of an awesome vfx, when a group of people gather (say for a haloween party) in some room, which has all its walls covered with a fabric. and at some point the host of the event turns on the hidden secret pump, that punps the blood through pipes hidden behind the fabrics and - suddenly for guests of the event - walls start bleeding and covering in blood stains from top to bottom! quite a messy idea, but would be really spectacular if properly set up ?

    Or you take a your own because you have 4 liter if it!

    1 reply

    I could never recommended drawing your own blood unless you were a licensed phlebotamist... And I'd NEVER recommend spraying actual blood on other people!