Make Your Own Black Powder



Black powder is commonly used in muzzleloading firearms. It is highly dangerous so be careful, any spark or flame can ignite it. It can cause quite a bang but do not use it for terriorism or any other attacks on people or any other of God's creatures. For the sake of not confusing myself or you I will give measurements for a 10oz batch but i also will list the percentages for the safe experemination of this in smaller batches.
I do not take any responsible for the actions of people who harm themselves or others with the information provided in this article, once I publish this infomation i have no say over who views this. The infomation is ment to educate, not the mass production of explosives. To quote the masters of explosives, Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman "Please, don't try what your about to see at home. We're what you call experts".

Step 1: What You'll Need

1.Potassium Nitrate (commonly refered to as saltpeter)
2.Charcoal (preferably the chunks but briquettes will work as well)
4.Distilled water
5.Mortar and pestle (a tumbler also works)
7.Dixie cups

Step 2: Clear a Space

You want to clear a space but not on any nice surfaces, also you might want to layout cloth or newspaper (but keep it dry when wet black powder is usless) to catch any loose powders that may fall. If you have a roommate or are living with someone make sure they know what you are doing and keep pets and children away as these elements can cause illnesses, injuries, or death.

Step 3: Seperate Ingredents

Place all three powders in seperate spots around your work place keeping the lids on at all times. After adding each ingredient using a funnel poor anything that fell on the newspaper back into its proper container. If you spill and any powders mix together take the mixture and carefully brush all of it into a bowl and add plenty of water, stir till almost disolved then pour out on yard spreading as you pour.

Step 4: Measure and Crush

For this step you want your scale, mortar and pestle. First take your charcoal and brake it into a powder. Next using your scale fill three Dixie cups, one with 1.5oz of charcoal, one with1oz of sulfur, and the last with 7.5oz of potassium nitrate (the ratio is 15% charcoal, 10% sulfur, and 75% potassium nitrate). After you measure your ingredients pour the charcoal into your mortar and crush it into a fine powder then pour back into the cup and wipe the mortar clean; repeat this for the sulfur and the potassium nitrate.

Step 5: Combine

Option 1.
Pour the powders into the mortar one at a time and mix well. And your done!

Option 2.
If you want a slightly better powder pour the powders into the mortar and add a small amount of distilled water. Then continue to next step.

Step 6: Quality Control

Place small amounts on the mixture in a fine sieve and slowly pour small amounts of alcohol through them. This is the most dangerous step so do this away from Sparks and open flames.

Step 7: Shaping and Final Grinding

Take the small amounts from the sieve and shape into small rectangles and allow to dry. Once dry you can grind each brick into a powder



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