Make Your Own Building Blocks




These are two building blocks that I created using tinkercad, with a photo of a real lego block to guide me.
I spent about 3 days working on these making sure everything was symmetrical and they could fit together with one another*.

*I don't know about their compatibility with real Legos but I'm confident that you could print out as many of these as you want and build away!

Step 1: Then I Uploaded Them to Thingiverse

So anyone can make their own!
These are the links to go to so you can download and print your own LEGO inspired building blocks:

Step 2:



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    Thanks! Sadly :( I haven't been able to myself, I don't have a 3D printer. However, an awesome thingiverse member did print it and posted a link to a photo of their results! You can see it in the comments section here --> I wasn't sure if it would be ok to use someone else's photo, otherwise I would have included it.