Make Your Own Chalkboard Paint


Introduction: Make Your Own Chalkboard Paint

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Broaden your color choices (beyond black and green chalkboard paint) to complement your lifestyle by making your own chalkboard paint.

Lisa shows you how to make your own chalkboard paint mix with a dash of humor.

The full instructions are here:
StudioNews: Make Your Own Chalkboard Paint



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    i think this sounds great, now you can make them to match your room and everything! :) but is it like, wall paint that you use or acrylic paint? thx... :)

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    Yes Squeaker! You can use your typical latex (water base) wall paint you purchase from your home improvement store.

    Have Fun!!

    Would you be so nice and actually WRITE this Instructable?
    Some of us are unable to download the videos.  A  brief description would do it.

    amclaussen, Mexico City

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    1 cup of flat paint (any color)
    2 tablespoons of unsanded tile grout (white)


    *paint on surface

    *dry, then sand (150-grit sandpaper)

    *repeat if needed

    Thanks all!

    @ClockworkJester - I wanted to keep the video brief as it was my first how-to. I'm glad you like it!

    @amclaussen - The full details are here:

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    This is awesome.  I think the video could have been a little slower, I had to watch a second time to catch all the directions.  But I have so many ideas now for my own chalkboard paint.  Thank you!