Make Your Own Crystal Necklace With Swarovski Stones


Introduction: Make Your Own Crystal Necklace With Swarovski Stones

Materials Needed:

- 8.5mm (39ss) Empty Necklace (22 Box Necklace in Gold Overlay Shown In Photo)

- 8.5mm (39ss) Swarovski Article 1088 Chatons In the Colors You Choose (Greige, Golden Shadow, & Bronze Shade Shown In Photo)

- 8.5mm (39ss) Hand Tool

All products can be found at Las Vegas Rhinestones

Step 1: Place Your Stone

Place the stone color of your choice in the empty cup chain product

Step 2: Set Your Stone

To set your stone in the setting:

- Take your hand tool

- Place it directly above the stone in the setting

- Press down on it and your stone will be set!

Step 3: Continue Setting All Your Stones

Continue setting all your stones until you have a completed product



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