Make Your Own DIY Custom Wish Jar




Here's how to have all your wishes or future plans together in one same place so you won't forget them.

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Step 1: Set Up

Get your materials together.

-Mason jar


-Spray paint or washable paint


-Glue stick

-Little pieces of paper

Step 2: Delimitate Your Paint Area.

Stick a piece of tape around the jar in order to protect the top half from the paint.

Step 3: Custom Embossing

Plug in the glue gun and wait until its heated.

Using the glue gun as a marker, press gently and write any fun word you will like to be embossed in your wish jar.

When you're done, wait around 25 minutes until it's completly dry.

Step 4: Paint

After the glue is solid and har, you can start painting

Paint the letters and the rest of lower half of the jar. (Don't forget the lid too!)

You can use spray paint or washable paint.

Step 5: Top Half

Take the tape out and use the glue stick to glue the top half of the jar.

As soon as you're and before the glue dries, cover the top section by adding glitter to the surface.

Step 6: Write Your Whishes

Write your whishes on the little pieces of paper and pour them in the jar.


May all your wishes come true!

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    3 years ago

    This is a very pretty project! Congrats.

    Fun craft project. I am going to have to make one of these with my daughter.