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Introduction: Make Your Own Dog Collar

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I used an old college lanyard to make a new collar for my dog, Bruce.  To start, you need the following items: * One lanyard (must have a plastic buckle) * One key ring (my lanyard also came with this) * Matching thread * Measuring Tape * Scissors * Lighter * Sewing Machine

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Step 1: Determine the Length of the Collar

First, use the measuring tape to measure the length around your dog’s neck (you can also take an existing collar and measure the length of the fabric from point A to B as seen in the picture below). Then add about 5 inches of length to that. For Bruce, this ended up being 11 inches.

Step 2: Cut Lanyard at Desired Length

Next, cut the lanyard apart, measure 11 inches of the cord, and cut. (Note: if there is a pattern to the cord, be mindful of where you cut.)

Step 3: Burn Edges

After cutting, take your lighter and slightly burn the edges of the cord. This will make it easier to feed the cord through the buckle, and will prevent the edges from fraying.

Step 4: Add Key Ring and Buckles

Then, slide the key ring and both ends of the plastic buckle onto the cord. Adjust the buckles so that there is 3 inches allowance on the end where the key ring will be, and two inches of allowance on the other.

Step 5: Sew Side 1

Pin down the loose edge one the side without the key and sew. I went back and forth a few times with the needle to ensure the strength of the seam.

Step 6: Sew Side 2

Pin down the second edge, and sew a seam first directly next to the buckle. Then pull the key ring as close as you can to the new seam, pin down the remaining allowance, and sew your final seam.

Step 7: Finish

Clip all loose threads, and VOILA! A new collar for gameday! GO DUKES!

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    nicely done. i used this concept in one that i just made, thanks for the inspiration. i posted it if you want to take a look.

    have fun