Make Your Own Eclipse Glasses With ScanNCut (or Scissors)!



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Solar Eclipse coming up in 2017 August, and total solar eclipse could be seen in many places in USA on 2017 Aug 21. Lucky American people!

Are you prepared with eclipse glasses not to miss this super rare & exciting natural entertainment?

Massively & Inexpensively produce eclipse glasses with Brother ScanNCut & Laminator, to enjoy solar eclipse among your family, friends, colleagues or whoever you like! All template & vector data have been prepared & available to download

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Step 1: Tools & Materials


  • Brother ScanNcut(Scissors will also do)
  • Laminating machine (A4/Letter size width)
  • Scissors
  • box knife
  • scale
  • pen


(*) Be sure to choose OD-5.0 class for human eyes.OD-3.8 class made for camera has low light-reduction rate & could damage your eyes.

Step 2: Cut Out Film to Make Lens

(Steps to procure the maximum number of filter from a Baader film sheet (51pcs!)).

  1. Cut the film in a strip shape with 33.3mm width as per template A
  2. Sandwich the Baadar film strips with laminating pouch films, aligning them as per template B
  3. Insert #2 into laminating machine.
  4. Cut the laminated film with 17mm width as per template C.

(Steps to procure just a number of filter from a Baader film sheet (max. 17pcs)).

  1. Sandwich the whole Baadar film strips with laminating pouch films.
  2. Insert #2 into laminating machine.

  3. Cut the laminated film with 17mm width as per template.

Step 3: Produce Sleeve As Glasses Body

(For ScanNCut users)

  1. Download cutting data (12" or 24") & import to your ScanNCut via USB stick.
  2. Fix cardboard onto cutting mat & feed it into ScanNCut. Tune blade pressure & depth. (See photo for suggested values)
  3. Cut the cardboard with the imported data at #1

(For scissors users + milk carton)

  1. Create template with cardboard from template_D_sleeve.pdf
  2. Cut off the top & bottom of milk carton, and cut in round slices with 50mm width.
  3. Draw square holes for eyes & " ^ " shape for nose
  4. Cut out the holes & " ^ " shape & open the round slices.

Step 4: Assemble Eclipse Glasses

  1. Cut both ends of laminated filter to fit the folded sleeve.
  2. Attach the laminated filter inside the folded sleeve.
  3. Close the open sleeve with double-sided tape.
  4. Done!


Important safety instructions:

- Stop using glasses whenever you notice leaking light from the filter, unappropriated filter position or any types of issues.

- Avoid long-time observation, the sunlight may damage your retina. (A retina does not feel pain, you will not notice the damage during the observation.)

- For your safety, take a proper rest every few minutes.

- Do not wear like glasses on your ears with attaching rubber bands. It would cause long-time observation plus have a risk of a fall or a collision.



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