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Introduction: Make Your Own Fairy Wings

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Fairy wings are an easy and inexpensive accessory for playing dress up. Here is how to make a pair of your very own!

There are several methods on constructing wire hanger/pantyhose wings. This is just how I did it.

Step 1: Materials Needed

You will want to gather:

4 wire clothes hangers (to make adult size wings, just two for babies)

White duct tape

2 pairs of pantyhose (any color) (Can use tights as well. Little girls pantyhose and tights work well).

3 yards of satin ribbon

Glue Sticks

Puff fabric paint

Styrofoam board

Silk flowers and leaves

Markers, glitter, spray paint (optional)



Utility knife

Glue Gun

Step 2: Get Bending

Take your 4 coat hangers and unwind the top section. This will let the wire be a line rather than a circle.

Bend the wire straight using the pliers to give you some leverage. I have the best luck by holding right below the existing bend and using the pliers and grab right above the existing bed and bend the opposite way to straighten it out.

Your wire will probably not be 100% straight and that's okay. Just as long as it's workable.

You basically will be making 4 new loops with these wires. Leave a little bit of room as a connector at the bottom of each loop.

To get the loop to fasten correctly you will make two hooks that interlock and then twist one of the remaining lengths around the wing edge. The other length will stick straight out and serve as part of your connector.

To make it more visually interesting you can add curves and points but make sure that the top two wings are symmetrical with each other. The same for the bottom two. I would make one the way you want it and then try to match the bends when making the second symmetrical wing.

Once all four wings are made you need to join the top two and the bottom two. Then you will marry those two sets to complete the frame work. Joining can be tricky. I found it easiest to take the long lengths you left for the connectors and twist those together. Use the duct tape to tape down any bits that poke up. Also use duct tape when joining the two halves. Be sure to use a lot to get a firm hold.

Step 3: Covering the Wings

Cut two legs about half way up, on one pair of pantyhose.

Repeat with the second pair.

Slide the hose over each wing loop. Stretch it tight and secure it in a knot. The knot can be made on the diagonal wing or anywhere that will have a tight hold. These knots will be covered later.

Repeat with the other three wings.

NOTE: if you can not find panty hose you can use tights. Just tie a knot in the end where the foot would be.

Step 4: Making the Flower Piece

You will need to make a piece to cover all the duct tape and knots.

Start with a disc of about 1/4" thick foamboard about 4 inches in diameter. An oval shape 3 x4 works well too. Once that is cut, poke a slot on each side of your disc.

Cut a ribbon about 14" long and lace through your disc. The lose ends will be tied around the wing meeting point.

Take silk flowers and leaves and hot glue into place on the side of the disc where the ribbon comes through the top. If it were a button, you'd be looking at the top of the button.

Step 5: Designs

Now you can add designs with puff paint, glitter, marker or spray paint. Use your imagination. When drawing lines you can mimic the veining of butterfly wings. Symmetrical designs look nice but be creative.

Let all your designs dry.

Step 6: Tying on the Flower Piece and Other Ribbons

Now, you can tie on your flower piece onto the back of your wings. Start by taking the lose ends of ribbon and wrapping them around to the backside of the wings, the part where your back will be touching. Interlock the ribbons and bring one string up and one string down and then wrap the wing joint vertically this time. Loop them back around to the backside again and secure with a knot (see picture).

You can add a little decoration ribbon to hang down the back. You will need double up one ribbon and secure it around the section where the wings join.

To make the arm straps you will need two yards of ribbon. Find the middle of each ribbon and tie the ribbon on the wing joining area as far apart as possible. These will be tied around the wearer's shoulders when it's time to wear.

Hope you enjoyed this instructable! Have fun and be safe!

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