Make Your Own Flower Crown




Introduction: Make Your Own Flower Crown

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Created By: Leigh Florist

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Step 1: Materials You Will Need:

Wire (cut to size of your head)

Floral tape

Wire Scissors

Flowers and foliage accents (leave a bit of the stem for taping)

Step 2: Attaching and Taping

Start with a piece of greenery 1” – 2” from end of wire.

Wrap tape around base of stem and wire.

Step 3: Adding More Flowers

Continue taping the individual blooms and greenery to wire to create desired look.

Step 4: After You Attached and Taped All of Your Flowers

Leave extra space at bottom of wire so you can attach to other end

Step 5: Attaching Ends Together

Bend wire end into hook shape

Thread opposite end of halo through hook.

Bend other wire over to hook halo together.

You're done!

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    3 years ago

    Very pretty :) The girls wanted flower crowns at our wedding so we got them some and they loved it.