Make Your Own Genma Vinil Fridge Decoration




About: Im a designer and artist from Buenos Aires Argentina

Easy steps to make a fancy vinil decoration for the fridge, the wall, or whatever you want to uplift.
In this case we choose a character for the manga Ranma, the panda Genma.

Materials and Tools Needed:

- PC & Printer
- Scissors/Scalpel
- Pencil
- Vinil or contact paper

This its my first instrucable, please feel free to comment, thanks to watch.

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Step 1: The Print and Cut

1- Download and print the sheet, or make you own draw, i vectorize a draw  and resized to fit on my fridge.
2- Cut the shapes and present it on the table to make shure that you dont left anything away.

Step 2: The Trace and Re Cut

1- Place the shapes previusly cutted on the back of the contact paper and trace the outline of the shapes. (NOTE: you have to trace the shapes from the backside to correspond the orientation of the image)
2- Cut the contact paper and present.

Step 3: Present on the Fridge and Paste

1- Present the shapes on the fridge and make shure that everything its ok.
2- Trace with a pencil the oulines of the shape to take a reference of the position of each piece.
3- Take out the back layer of the contact paper and paste it to the fridge or whatever..., if you have bubbles in the paper use a hairdryer to take out the air.

THATS IT... sorry for my english, obviusly its not my first language.

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    great idea ! I need to show this to my daughter, her son just saw kungfu panda and would love this !