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Introduction: Make Your Own Halloween Bell Jar

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How to create a festive bell jar for Halloween? Easy!

These really can be used for any holiday! But I just LOVE Halloween!!!!


Step 1: ​What You Will Need:

+ Glue gun and glue sticks

+ Duct or electrical tape

+ A clear, plastic two litter soda bottle


+Black paint (you can use another color if you wish to)

+Something round to serve as the bell jar bottom (in this I used a cut up a cardboard can

of chips, another I bought a circular piece of wood.)

+Holiday themed items (in this case HALLOWEEN items) to place inside (I used tissue paper and a Halloween pumpkin in the one I will show you how to make but in another I used a skull and tissue paper)

+You will need a round item to serve as the top (I made the top for this one out of oven baked clay with a tinfoil inside) anything round really will do…be creative!


Step 2: HOW TO:


1) Prepare the two liter bottle by removing the label as best you can, rinse it out with water and turn it upside down to dry (in a dish rack preferably, I let mine sit over night)

2) Using the scissors, VERY carefully cut a tiny hole in the two liter at the bottom.

3) Then insert one blade of the scissors into the hole, leaving the other blade outside the bottle and cut all the way around the bottle until the bottom is cut completely off… try to make it as even and level as possible…

4) If any water or moister remains in the bottle use a towel or napkin to dry it completely out inside.

5) Remove the bottle cap.


1) Prepare the bottom of the jar…

2) For me I cut the cardboard chip jar the same way I cut the bottle and I saved the top off of it.


1) Using the black paint I painted the cardboard chip bottom I just cut and the top that I saved.

2) I also painted the bottle top and the round clay ball black.

3) Let everything dry.


1) Using the glue gun ( I plugged mine up b/f beginning but mine is a tiny low heat gun) glue the clay ball to the bottle top)

2) Glue the cardboard chip bottom to the circular chip top.


1) Cover the area where the clay attaches to the bottle cap until it is covered.

2) Carefully paint it black and let it dry.

Step 3: ​ASSEMBLE…

1) I put the tissue in the back of mine to cover the part of the bottle label that seemed to not want to come off

2) Put the decorative item inside the bottle.

3) Then with the chip top on bottom, place the cardboard bottom at the base of the ‘jar’

4) As an added step you can glue or tape the bottom to the bottle to prevent it from coming apart and you can store it after the holidays and reuse it the next year if you so desire….

Display your bell jar creation! People will be sure to notice them and say “How cute!” or “Oooh… spooky!”

Again you can make them themed for any holiday and even make a great way to wrap gifts if in pinch! ^_-

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