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Introduction: Make Your Own Hay Bunny Toy

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What if there was a way to not spend tons of money on toys for your Bunny at those well known pet store such as PetCo and Pet Smart! Well there is a way now!! Introducing your very own hay toy toys that are super easy to make and only take 1~2 minutes, and are super cheap! Buy a bag of Timothy Hay!! Get some yarn of string that won't poisen your bunny, then get some scissors!! Thats all you will need!

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Step 1: Get Your Hay Out and Ready

Get out a bundle of hey from a bag of hay. Then cut a short piece of yarn or string about 5 inches long. Then just put they hay all together as shown in the picture! Then tie the bunch of hay together with the string you cut. Make sure to double knot the string you used to tie the bunch of hay. Then get out your scissors and cut of any excess string that is left over from tying your bunch of hay together.

Step 2: Ways to Use Your New Hay Toy!!

Check out my other Instructable (the bunny house made with binders) you can put the hay toy in the rings of the binders and then it creates a sort of game for your bunny, !!entertainment!! Also what you can do is hang the toy from the roof of your cage and let it dangle!! Another thing that you can do is tie one, two or even three, its up to you, tie the bundles on the side of your cage to create your own type of hay rack and a game for your bunny to play. I hope you find my Instructable useful and make your own!!!! If you have any questions comment down below.

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    4 years ago

    I put the hay in oatmeal boxes and my rabbit is less messy with it too. Thank you for including Bunny info!!!