Make Your Own HotSock Rice Pack




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Intro: Make Your Own HotSock Rice Pack

The following project was inspired by the need for a quick, easy, and huggable rice pack.  Although the felt features of the HotSock are optional, they are delightful for kids.  Thanks for viewing.  Please vote for my Instructable!

Step 1: Materials

Sewing Scissors
Thread and Needle/Sewing Machine
Spare Sock without Holes
Felt for Facial Features (optional)
Taci Glue (optional)
White Rice (8oz-12oz)
Lots of Imagination

Step 2: Preparing the Sock

Trim the sock, as shown in the main picture above, until it has a uniform rectangular shape.  Sew one of the ends of your HotSock closed.  At this point your HotSock should be about 7" long.

Step 3: Filling the HotSock

Insert the funnel into the pocket you just sewed up, and fill the pocket 4/5ths full with white rice.  Carefully, without spilling the rice, sew up the other end of the HotSock and trim appropriately. 

Step 4: HotSock Personality (Optional)

Arrange felt features to your liking and then either glue or sew them on by hand.  Heat your Personalized HotSock for a minute in the microwave. Thank you for reading my Instructable.  Enjoy!



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