Make Your Own Lighted Flex Spy Eye

Introduction: Make Your Own Lighted Flex Spy Eye

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Do you want a cheap alternative to flexible spy cameras? Here it is.
What you need:
  One foot of very thick rubber covered wire
  A small $2 flashlight from Harbor Freight
  Two 18in. pieces of thin wire
  Electrical tape
  A desire to be sneaky!
  1 in. square mirror
  Soldering Iron
  Hot Glue Gun

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Step 1: Preparation

Remove the rubber casing from your wire (without cutting the case), and dispose of the wire inside.  Split your rubber case on each end (make the cut about 1 in. long). Remove the battery holder. Take your flashlight and hacksaw and insert the flashlight into a vice (or other method of holding it while you cut it).  Cut off the end of the flash light (that the LEDs are on) about where the "grip" on that end of the flashlight ends (shown in picture).

Step 2: Soldering and Assembly

Solder the end of your red wire to the edge of the metal we cut on the flashlight (view second pic). Solder the other wire to the "positive" end of the battery holder.   Now run the ends of the wires that are not soldered to the switch through the rubber covering of your wire until you can see them on the other end of the cover.  Bend back the two sides of the slit you made at the beginning and insert the switch and battery holder end of the flashlight (shown in third picture).  Tape the battery holder and switch in place by wrapping electrical tape around the flaps and flashlight so that end of the flashlight stays attached to the rubber covering.   You should still be able to see the wires protruding from the other end of the rubber covering. Solder the end of your red wire to the same place as last time, except on the end with light bulbs instead of the end with the switch.  Solder your other wire to the spring on the inside of the end with light bulbs.

Step 3: Testing and Operation

Try turning on your flashlight. If it works, congratulations! If it doesn't, your problem is either old batteries or the way you soldered the wires.  Do as the second picture below instructs.  Now to finish the project, run one piece of electrical tape around the last flap on the light bulb end and attach it to the flashlight piece.  To see around corners, use your mirror and glue it in place at a 45 degree angle (as shown in picture) using hot glue.   Now you can use your own Lighted Flex Spy Eye! Whether peeking around dark corners or changing it into a personalized desk lamp, just slide it in your pocket (by bending it) and have fun!

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    when U gonna tell us about the "" spy eye "" part--this is just a flex flashlighr\t?????????????????


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    The mirror is what makes it into an "eye" (see the 3rd step).