Make Your Own Marshmallow Mammott



Introduction: Make Your Own Marshmallow Mammott

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This holiday season, the Monster-Handlers have put together some festive crafts for you to make with friends and family! Follow the instructions below to make a special marshmallow Mammott — perfect for a cup of hot cocoa on a chilly Winter night.

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Step 1: Gather Your Materials

To create your marshmallow Mammott, you will need the following materials:

  • Large marshmallows
  • Plastic lollipop sticks (pretzel sticks work too!)
  • Black, yellow, pink, and purple icing tubes
  • Scissors (ask an adult for help if you need it!)

Step 2: Trim Your Lollipop Stick

Set three marshmallows side-by-side as shown in the image above — these marshmallows will become your Mammott’s body later on. Next, lay your plastic stick next to your marshmallows and mark the stick at the same height as your marshmallows. Trim the stick at this point, and set both halves aside.

Step 3: Make Your Mammott’s Body

Take the stick portion that is the same length as your marshmallows, and carefully push the stick through the center of all three as show below. Trim any excess from your stick that may be visible on the ends of your marshmallow stack.

Step 4: Make Your Mammott’s Arms

Take your second, shorter stick piece and thread it horizontally through the middle marshmallow in your stack. Try to thread the stick towards the back of the marshmallow, so that it is behind your longer stick from the previous step.

Step 5: Add Marshmallow Fur to Mammott’s Arms

Cut a new marshmallow in half lengthwise using your scissors, as shown in the photo above. Next, press each of your Mammott’s arms through a marshmallow half to give its arms a furry look. If you find that your marshmallow halves are too large for your Mammott, don’t be afraid to trim them.

Step 6: Decorate Mammott’s Face

Now for the fun part! Using your icing tubes, draw Mammott’s face onto the top marshmallow. Use thin layers of icing to ensure that the icing does not run or melt. Mammott can have any expression you want, so use your imagination!

Step 7: Relax With Mammott and a Cup of Hot Cocoa!

Good job! Now it’s time for you and your Mammott to relax. If you used plastic sticks in your craft instead of pretzels, be careful not to chew or swallow them — instead, set them aside and use them to stir your drink or make more crafts!

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