Make Your Own Mjölnir - Thor's Hammer




Introduction: Make Your Own Mjölnir - Thor's Hammer

I used some steel pipe, square doug fir post, some metal clothes rail, and some burgundy nylon cord.

You can find Dimensions here

The head on the real one is 150mm square so i divided that by the size of the wood i had which was 3.5" (88mm) so 150/88 is 1.7 so i divided the other dimensions by 1.7 so that everything would be proportional to the real one.

Check out the video here

Step 1: Making the Head

I used the mitre saw to cut the head to length, then I took it to the tablesaw and with the blade set at 45 degrees i then cut of the corners, not shown in the video I went back and cut it bigger.

Step 2: Finishing the Head and Cutting the Handle and Handle Rings

Then back over to the mitre saw I cut the ends at 45 degrees then i cut the pipe to size and sanded the end down. i also cut sections of metal clothes rail about 8-12 mm wide

Step 3: Painting the Head and Attching It.

I then drilled the hole with a Forsner bit after painting one side so that they would be no paint to drip down the hole. then painted the whole head in galvanised silver metal paint, I especially liked how it was easy to paint and it looks really good.

Then I hammered the handle into the head and checked to see if it was square.

Step 4: Finishing Up- Wrapping the Handle

Then I wrapped the handle in the nylon cord, every 10 or so wraps I added a metal ring the wrapped over it and carried on then wrapped some black electrical tape at the end to finish of. if you wanted to you could use an old belt of buy a cheap one and add a strap to the handle adding for an even more realistic look

Thanks for reading have fun !

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    2 Discussions


    4 years ago

    excellent job. are you going to decorate the head or leave it plain?

    Tom Howbridge
    Tom Howbridge

    Reply 4 years ago

    I might decorate the head I'm not sure on the pattern, I might be able to buy a cheap engraver and have a go but for now I'm leaving it plain thankyou very much for the comment :)