Make Your Own PCBs With JLCPCB

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It's easy to design your own PCBs and have them made in about a week. I'll show you how in this instructable.

Step 1: Design Your Circuit on a Breadboard

The first step in making your own PCBs is to design and test the circuit on a breadboard. This gives you the flexibility to move things around and switch components until it works just right.

Step 2: Use Layout Software to Draw the Schematic

Now that your circuit works you need to draw the schematic. I used EasyEda because it's cloud based and free but you can use any that you like.

Step 3: Drag Components

Drag your components in the design area. Most layout software has thousands of components to choose from.

Step 4: Make Connections

After your components are on the board, use the track tool to draw in the connections. Don't forget to add power and ground!

Step 5: Switch to PCB Mode

When you switch into PCB mode, the software will bring all your components so you can lay them out.

Step 6: Drag and Drop

Drag and drop your parts where you want them on the PCB.

Step 7: Lay Tracks

Lay your tracks on the bottom and top layers to interconnect your components.

Step 8: Final Touches

Dont forget to add labels on the silkscreen layer and other touches like mounting holes.

Step 9: Download

Download your gerber files from the layout software. You will need to send them to the PCB manufacturer to have your boards made.

Step 10: Go to JLCPCB

Go to and upload your files. Select any options you want. You can get 10 pcb's for just $2 plus shipping.

Step 11: Upload

Upload your gerber files and pay for your order.

Step 12: Wait About 7 Days

In about 7 days your new PCBs will arrive!

Step 13: Solder It Up!

Solder up all of your components.

Step 14: Test It Out

Test out your design. You just made your own circuit on a PCB!

Step 15: Watch My Videos for the Full Build

You can see the full build of this circuit along with hundreds of other electronic videos on my YouTube channel: learnelectronics.

How to design your own PCBs - Part 1

How to design your own PCBs - Part 2



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    1 year ago

    Very good, Thank you =D !


    1 year ago

    On step 10 in the text you wrote "" but is


    1 year ago

    Cost effective? A 4" X 4" double sided board with plated thru holes costs $0.20. If you just put an array of pads on 0.1" grid, you would have a 4"x 4" breadboard for $0.20 each. It is hard to find such a breadboard at that cost. One does have to buy 10 boards so the total cost is $2.00. So for the price of a cup of coffee at Starbucks, one can get a custom PCB in a week. Perhaps the real question is whether breadboard is cost effective anymore.


    1 year ago

    When I was still working, we actually did this for our new designs after I prototyped them making my own PC boards. However, the cost really depends on the restate size and what you want on the boards. And if you are only wanting one or two, it really isn't cost effective because the price break usually doesn't start until you get 10 or more. It cost the PCB manufacturers the same for one or ten. And make absolutely sure you don't have any mistakes. Because they don't refund unless it is their mistake. But a good project anyways. It does show a method to make such things.

    1 reply

    Oh yeah, mistakes are on you. But it costs $2 for 10 boards, so not too bad except for time waiting.


    1 year ago

    can you give an indication of the shipping cost?

    1 reply