Make Your Own Paratrooper

Want to make an easy paratrooper?

Step 1: Things You Will Need

1.5 foot square piece of cloth,

4 18-inch segments of string,

Soldier action figure,

Scotch™ tape,


Step 2: ​Tie Each String to the Ends of the Cloth

Step 3: ​Reinforce Each Corner With Tape

Step 4: If You Did All of the Steps You Should Have Something Like This

Step 5: Take Two Strings From One Side and Tape Them Together at the End Then Do the Same Thing With the Other Side

Step 6: Set the Taped Parts in Your Figure’s Hands, Then Reinforce Them With Tape

Step 7: Tape the String Together Near the Parachute But Make Sure It Has Enough Space So That It Can Still Open Up All the Way

Step 8: There You Have It! a Paratrooper!

Step 9: Here Is a Video of It. (May Not Be As Good As You Thought, But It Works for Me)



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