Make Your Own Pixel Art

Intro: Make Your Own Pixel Art

This is going to help you make your own picture into a pixel art on minecraft

Step 1: Download Pixel Art Maker

  • Grab your tablet, phone or any other device (unfortunately you will not be able to use your computer) and download Pixel Art Maker

Step 2: Search Your Image

  • Go on the internet and search anything you want and then save it to your camera.

Step 3: Go Into Pixel Art Maker

  • Go into Pixel Art Maker and then tap on the menu. It will say Import Photo. That's what you need to click on. So choose the picture you just saved (or one for you camera roll) and crop it or don't and it will come out as pixelated. It might have different colours but you can change them when it comes to building it.

Step 4: Choose Your Size

  • It will ask you how many pixels you would like to have your picture, bearing in mind that the more pixels the more squares, which means harder.

Step 5: Build It

  • When you have your pixelated picture you have to load minecraft and copy the squares and you will eventually have your picture
  • I added some of my own parts and changed the size so you can too.



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    That's great! :-)