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Introduction: Make Your Own RGB Led Decoration Light-DIY

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Lights are not just for the holidays. If you have not seen amazing light ideas for DIY room decor, you have to check these projects out! Crafts and ideas to fit anyone’s budget, you are sure to find the perfect awesome lighting idea for your home.

Lights are so versatile, definitely not just for Holidays anymore. Super easy projects to do at home, you can easily add creative DIY flair to your room in no time. Cool ideas for DIY lighting around your bed, as decorative wall art, creative, glowing lanterns and romantic lighting ideas for girls rooms.

Perfect for teen bedrooms, apartments, dorms and anywhere you want to create a dreamy living space! So why not to built our own in super easy way

Click here for arduino codes and tutorial on my another instructable
Lets Get start!


Things you will need:

1. RGB Leds

2. Around 100 resistors

3. Breadboard(for prototyping)

4. Zero PCB

5. Diodes

6. Terminals

7. Arduino UNO

8. Connecting wires

9. Power supply-SMPS

Other tools:

1. Soldering iron

2. Hot Glue

3. Wire stripper

Step 2: Prototyping on Breadboard

It is better to cheack and build the circuit on breadnoard before going over PCB and Solder job.

See my this Instructable for Basic circuit and different Effects using RGB led

Link is Here:

Now instead of driving this single LED on Bread Board now we are using Many LEDs whaich is driven by same circuit.

For this purpose we are going to use Transistor whose base is driven by our main controller that is arduino Microcontroller.

Step 3: Lets Built LED Modules!

After success behind our prototyping over bread board its now time to built many LED modules which we are going to install at our home or office...:D

Reffer to my photos for arrangement of LED. you ca arrange them in yopur own style and solder them properly.

Take your time to solder and hot glue them.

The module will come up with the five wires i.e

I have taken different colours like:

  • Red wire for RED terminal
  • Green wire for green terminal
  • Blue wire for blue terminal
  • Yellow wire for common anode(+) terminal

Step 4: Led Modules Are Ready

After so many solder and time, now we are came up with the different style LED modules.

I Prepared 4 board or module which i will going to install in my dining hall around a wall to make them shine.

You can use and built as many as you can, all depending on you.

Also let put them in a case so that it will look well and good over walls or can hide by Transparent Casing

Step 5: Connect Them With Main Circuit

Since we have now came up with the Circuit, LED modules

So now why not to connect and test them with the circuit

Connect them with the help of wires

Reffer to videos in order to know how basic circiut works.

Step 6: LED Modules Light Up!

After connecting to the main circuit and all LED module switch ON the power supply.

All will light up as shown in my photos. Colour will change according to your Code uploaded to Arduino

You can get the different code over internet and also from this link:

Step 7: Installing and Finalizing

Install them on your wall or wherever you like. Connect them all with your main circuit and Arduino

As soon you will power the arduino and LED modules you will see your room transformes into Heaven

You have made your own DIY lighting for your House. You can vary the potentiomter to control the brightness of LEDs. Enjoy them any time.

This marks the end of this instructable. Hope you liked it.

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    4 Discussions


    Reply 2 years ago

    did one componant board be used for all the lights or was it individual componants boards made up for each lighting fixture in that hallway???


    2 years ago

    what type of resistors and diodes. Neither link has them in it also the trim pot what value please??? I have been to both pages and nothing?


    Reply 2 years ago

    what type of resistor carbon, metal film?? what is the diode you used, what type of trim pot there is many out there? can you be more specific with the parts please from your pages this is potentially a household lighting project from what i seen in the pictures.