Make Your Own Rainbow LED Solar Lantern With Super Capacitors

Introduction: Make Your Own Rainbow LED Solar Lantern With Super Capacitors

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Hi all =)

This is just a simple video instructable that I put together this afternoon. This project takes no time at all. As long as you have the correct components handy, then you're going to have no problem finding success when assembling it. This video acts to give you enough information to use variations of the components that I used in order to create your own solar/super capacitor based rainbow LED lamp. While the LED may not look bright in the video, it is just due to the background lighting. I hope that you find this video useful.

It is an extremely simple idea that literally takes about ten minutes to put together if you have the right components handy.

Take care, and thanks for watching.



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    4 years ago

    Why not just buy a solar light and replace the battery with a ten to 100 farad super capacitor?


    5 years ago

    very keen to see what you did here, but the vid doesn't seem to be showing up. On the phone app at least