Make Your Own Rapunzel Wig

Introduction: Make Your Own Rapunzel Wig

Whether your daughter is dying to be Rapunzel for Halloween or you just want to add a prop to her dress up wardrobe, this is a simple afternoon project that requires just a few materials.

Step 1: Supplies

To start you'll want to gather the following supplies.

Pair of old tights or stockings
1-2 balls of yellow yarn (depending on how thick/long you want the hair)
Needle and thread

Step 2: Make Cap

Start by placing stockings on child's head, making sure it's snug. Tie a know it the legs of the stockings and cut the legs off. Another option is to cut the legs off all together and sew across the leg openings to make the top of the wig cap. We wanted to keep it simple for the kids, so opted for tying a knot. 

Step 3: Cut Lengths of Yarn

Next, and the longest process, we started cutting lengths of yarn about 100" long (because I wanted the hair to be about 50" long). 100" allows me to double the yarn in half to get my desired 50" length. The length you choose will depend on your daughters height and how long you want the wig. I suggest measuring from the top of her head to her ankle to determine your length. Then double that measurement so you can fold the yarn in half.  

Here, my daughter was helping me gather the strands once cut. 

Step 4: Find Yarn Center

Once you collect your desired thickness of hair,  tie it in the middle with a piece of yarn. 

Step 5: Hand Stitch Center of Yarn to Center of Cap

Next, drape the mid section of the hair over center of the tights. The piece of yarn tied in the center helps you center the hair on the cap and keeps the yarn together. However, you can remove the tie from a few pieces of yarn at a time and begin hand stitching the yarn to the top of the tights (of course, have your daughter remove the tights from her head first). Taking your needle and thread, simply hand stitch several pieces of yarn at a time from the front of the stocking to the back. 

Step 6: Tie at Nape of Neck

After you finish hand stitching the yarn in place, tie the yarn at the nape of the neck. 

Step 7: Braid Ponytail

Section the pieces of the "ponytail" into three sections and braid the hair. Use another piece of yarn to tie off the bottom of the braid. You can also add fake flowers by tucking them stems into the braid. 

Step 8: Turn on Movie and Pretend to Be Rapunzel

Turn on Rapunzel and let your daughter feel like she's a princess while she watches. 

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3 years ago

Does anyone have a picture of the front of the hair/wig?


5 years ago

Thanks for this! My sewing skills are pretty basic, but we made this for my daughter's book parade! :)