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Introduction: Make Your Own Sticky Fly Traps

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If anyone has been plagued by white flies, this method of how I make cheap sticky fly traps may be of help.

White flies have been a problem in our greenhouse for a while so I’ll show you how I keep them somewhat under control with homemade fly traps.

Get a can of Tanglefoot’s Tangle-Trap Sticky Coating. I stored this in the greenhouse which may not have been a great idea by the amount of rust there is on the can.

Next find some yellow paper. Yellow construction paper works well. I swiped my wife’s yellow notepad which also works well. Fold the paper and half and put crease in it.

Unfold the paper and lay it out flat. Using an official applicator stick I found in the yard, apply a thin coat of goo over the entire piece of paper. Be careful not to get any on your work surface. I recommend that you lay down some newspaper on your work surface. You can see how everything sticks together while applying it.

When you’re done, take the paper and fold it in half again. It’s helpful to not apply any sticky goo in the area where you will hold the paper with your fingers.

I hang the flypaper in the greenhouse by tying a paperclip to a string and hanging the string from the ceiling. Make sure you don’t place it in a location where you walk. I’ve learned the hard way and caught a trap in my face!

Here’s one of the traps that is filled with flies. They usually need to be replaced every couple of weeks.

I hope you found this video helpful. Please subscribe for more. Thanks for watching!

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