Make Your Own Stress Ball




Introduction: Make Your Own Stress Ball

Take some items you may have laying around your house and build a stress ball. Fun for kids and adults. May want to build where you don't mind making a mess

Step 1: What You'll Need

What you’ll need to make the stress ball

- Flour - Party Balloons - Some sort of wide mouth water bottle - super glue

Step 2: Time to Fill the Balloon

- Select two or more of the same color of the balloons

-Put 3/4 of a cup of flour in the bottle

-Blow up the balloon and twist the neck of the balloon so no air escapes and put the balloon mouth over the mouth of the water bottle and untwist the balloon neck to begin pouring the flour in the balloon.

Step 3: Let the Air Out and Seal It

- Let air out of balloon so only flour is left in the balloon

- Cut neck of balloon off

- Cut neck off the other two balloons

- Take one of the other balloons and take and stretch it over the flour filled balloon to seal the flour in

(Sorry about not having a picture of putting another balloon on it to seal the flower in my hands were full)

Step 4: Optional: Lets Add Some Protection

- Take another balloon and take and add it to the stress ball for another layer of protection and firmness

- Repeat this step until you are satisfied

Step 5: The Finished Project

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3 years ago

Hey you big DUMMY!!


4 years ago

what is the super glue for?


4 years ago

Great documentation! I always wondered how people got the filling in there! Thanks for sharing and welcome!!