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A few weeks ago I ordered wood fillament to test this material. I was excited from this , if you touch it, it do not feel like plastic, if you print it, the room smells like a sawmill :-) After a few tests, my little brother meens: "Print a tree" and I thought "Why not ..." So I created the tree of light :-)

Step 1: The Stuff Which You Need for This Project ...

I used NuNus Wood Filament 0.8kg ( 25 € ) and I bought a complete cable with bulb socket, switch and plug ( 7,50 € ) to go not in trouble with electricity stuff ...

And I used a 5W LED light bulb which fits to the bulb socket, so I have no problems with heat ...

To create the skeletal structure I used Fusion 360 and for the tree like stuff I used MeshMixer 3 ...

Step 2: Create the Skeletal Structure With Fusion 360

I created a simple treetrunk to fix the bulb socket in the middle of the tree.

I added a channel to the base for the cable ...

I exported this trunk as stl file, so I can import it to meshmixer ...

Step 3: Create the Tree With Meshmixer

The important point is to prevent Meshmixer from changing something at the groundplate or something from the middle part, which is for the bulb socket. So i did the following:

- import trunk stl (pic 1)

- via ( Edit --> Generate Face Groups ) I create some face groups ( pic 2 )

- I double clicked all face groups which I wanted to edit, to select them ...

- I pressed "STRG - G" to create one new face group ( pic 3 )

- I set some settings in sculp mode ( pic 4 )

- important is: Surface ON, Flow OFF, All Filters ON

Step 4: I Started With the Roots

- first use a big tool size to create the big roots (pic 1) ...

- then decrease the tool size to create the smaller one (pic 2) ...

Step 5: The Tree Top

- to create the tree top I changed the sculping settings to Volume ON & Flow On ( pic 1 )

- start with a big tool for the big limb ( pic 2 )

- then decrease the tool size for the smaller one ... ( pic 3 & 4 )

Step 6: Add Some Tree Stuff

- I added a few knags ( pic 1 )

- and bark to my tree ( pic 2 )

Step 7: Finish the Tree, Print It and Assemble It ...

My 3D printer has a print size of 150x150x100, so I splited the tree in 2 parts and printed it with a temperature of 210 degree, so I got some wood strings which looks like some very small limbs ... I fitted the bulb socket and the LED Light Bulb ... At pic 4 you can see another table lamp, which I made on the same way ...

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    2 years ago

    Awesome! You could sell this quite easily. God bless.

    Uncle Kudzu

    2 years ago

    Looks great! Your brother had a good idea and you ran with the possibility :) So interesting to see what you clever people are doing with your 3d printers.