Make Your Own Tea Bags Out of Garbage!


Introduction: Make Your Own Tea Bags Out of Garbage!

I found these teabags in my pantry, but when I tried to make tea from them I found that they were actually filled with a flavorless, dusty brown material rather than tea. Since I had some loose-leaf tea in the same pantry, I decided to clean the dust out of the teabags and replace it with real tea, thus making my morning routine easier. If you don't have any tea bags filled with dust, you can always cut apart and fold coffee filters to make your own tea bags.

Step 1: Clean Out That Dust!

Pick off the staple that holds the teabag together, and empty out the dust. You can soak this "tea" in water and use it along with wood to make barbecue in your smoker or you can just throw it out.

Step 2: Fill With Good Tea

Open the teabag, then measure out about 1 teaspoon of real tea and add this to the teabag. I added a combination of English breakfast tea and Ceylon tea.

Fold up and re-staple the teabag.

Step 3: Brew and Enjoy!

Put a kettle full of water on the stove, and put the teabag into a teacup.

Wait until it boils, then pour the water over the teabag.

Wait about 3 to 5 minutes until the tea is brewed to your liking. Add sugar, milk, or lemon if you like.

Drink up!



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    11 Discussions

    ugh.. I love the concept of the Lipton Vanilla Caramel Truffle Tea bags because, in my opinion, the pyramid shape of the tea bags makes it easier to get the flavor out of the tea due to the flat base... but like most of the comments, the tea does taste watered down.

    Agreed! I asked my mom to get me some tea bags for when I visited her, and she bought 'Raspberry Lemon' Lipton... I made a batch because I was disparate but it tasted like watered down cough medicine.

    You should think of a better title.....but then again Lipton tea is garbage.....

    I applaud you! Well done for your idea and work. It is a shame there are so few tea merchants nowadays. I am fortunate to have a local man who has a wide range (Cambridge Market, UK). I recommend Ceylon, especially Orange Pekoe, it looks like how tea should look!

    Maybe that's why I hate drinking lipton tea...

    Cool idea, although I had the same thought as Kiteman. I've not had Twinings English Breakfast, but the Irish Breakfast is really good. Makes a nice, strong cup of tea.

    I saw the title of this 'ible, and I thought... eeww, tea from the garbage??

    haha thats wat i do :D i have a nice blend of english breakfast and earl gray :3 it make a nice brew :)

    I love TeaVana tea, but nothing beats English tea. Nice little tip right here!

    Hahahaha! X through Lipton.... Good Tea. NICE JOB! Haha, the 2nd to last picture.