Teddy Bear USB Flash Drive (USBear?)





Introduction: Teddy Bear USB Flash Drive (USBear?)

Plain old flash drives are boring. Which is why I decided to sacrifice a teddy bear and make a more interesting one. When put together, it looks like your average teddy bear. Pop off the head, stick it in your computer, and you have a really funny data-storing USBear.

I first saw this wonderful idea here  and decided I would try my hand at making it. You can even buy these now. But making it is more fun. And less expensive.

Step 1: Choose Your Victims and Gather Your Materials

I used an old teddy bear and a 4Gb flash drive. Make sure that the bear is small enough to be practical and that the flash drive is large enough to be practical and has a cap.

You will need:

1 Teddy Bear
1 Flash drive with cap
Hot Glue Gun & Glue
Sewing Needle
Thread (color of bear)
Sewing scissors

Step 2: Decapitate

Take a pair of sewing scissors and chop off it's head. Throw away any beads that spill out. There should be fluff in the head and top part of the body, so you're somewhat safe as far as beads go.

Step 3: Glue, Sew, and Glue Some More (Head)

First, put a little glue either on the bottom of the cap (closed side) or in the hole in the head where it will go. Then put the cap in your bear's head, open side exposed. It should stay there fairly well as it will now be glued to the stuffing.

Next, take your needle and your thread and sew up the sides of the neck, leaving only enough room for the cap in the middle. Then, seal the edges around the flash drive with some glue. Be generous with your glue, it keeps the whole thing together.

Step 4: Make the Body

The procedure for making the body is similar to the one for making the head. First, insert the flash drive into the body (remove fluff as necessary, you can glue it if you want to). Sew the edges all the way up to the drive in the middle, and then hot glue that part of the fabric to the flash drive to secure it. Lots of glue. It should be pretty solid.

Step 5: Finished!

And that's about it. The head should snap onto the body securely and come off fairly easily. You may need to squeeze the flash drive part to put it into your computer so nothing comes undone, but it should hold fine. Creepy enough for you? Good. Now, go forth and scare your coworkers and kids.

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    43 Discussions

    Ingenious prank idea for school. I will use this one.

    Thanks for sharing this evil... uh... fantastic project!

    - Sam

    This was an awesome tutorial. I have a little mini monkey USB now! 8D

    That looks great! I love the monkey. Glad you decided to make one.

    I love taking apart things and putting universal serial buses in their place! It's so fun!

    next time i would try hello kitty ....

    man!!! there is a tedy bear with his head stuck in your laptop!!!

    i think for a twist i would sew the face of the teddy bear and just pop it off or zipper it open xD

    That is so awesome XD I'm sure that's how top spies keep their information secure :p

    Haha I bet some of the girls will squeal when I go to rip a teddy bear's head off and then plug his body into my laptop to gather vital data.

    Decapitated teddy bear. :'( HOW COULD YOU?!?!?!

    Just kidding. I'm gonna make myself one of these sometime soon. 32GB teddy bear :D