Make Your Own Tunisian Crochet Hook

I was working on a washcloth one day with one of my Tunisian Crochet Hooks wondering why it had to be so big when I was just making a dishrag. So I tried to think up an idea on how to make my own.

This is easy to make but all you can really make with it is small items but I don't really need it for anything else/

Crochet Hook (Whatever Size you want, I would do 5mm cause that is what most cottons use)


Hot Glue gun

Knife (x-acto, or scalple) Please be very careful they are very sharp, you could maybe just use a normal knife to.

Step 1: Cutting Your Eraser

You can use a butter knife for this and cut out a piece, then you can place your hook on it and use a pen to draw on the size of the end of the hook. Then you take your sharp knife and start digging down, now this is dangerous cause knives are very sharp, also you can throw up eraser and get it in your eye (That happened to me).

Once you got a hole in it you can see if your hook fits in it snugly it it is a little to tight you will just have to cut into it a little more.

Step 2: Glueing It Onto the Hook

Now that the hole is big enough you can warm up the hot glue gun, then place a small dab of the glue at the bottom of the hole and press your hook into it. Then you can take your knife and cut around it so that it looks a bit nicer a huge square clump on the end of your hook looks a bit gross so i rounded it a bit.

But tu-tu-ru you got yourself a tunisian crochet hook, all it really is is a long crochet hook with a stop on the end. Since i did not need a really long hook this does just fine for what I needed. =^.^=



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