DIY Screen Printing - Two Tone Silk Screen Printed Wall Decor



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I won't mention any names, but home decor stores charge big $$$ for paintings and other wall decor. Why not make it yourself to not only save money, but also for the bragging rights that you made it yourself! EZScreenPrint silk screen kits are a perfect and inexpensive way to personalize your own decor. Here is my project making two colored Victorian style paintings.


Step 1: Your Artwork

Start off by choosing your artwork. I have chosen a beautiful Victorian print for the background and a feminine furniture photo for the main design. I purchased both these images from but you can get your images anywhere.

Step 2: Make Your Stencil

Make the stencil according to EZScreenPrint's instruction. I have another tutorial on making the stencil if you need help. Once the stencil is complete, mix Speedball red and white inks to make the desired pink color.

Step 3: Load the Ink

Load the ink onto the squeegee, or add a line of ink at the top of the stencil.

Step 4: Start Screening

I am printing the background design onto water color paper. This is more desirable than regular printer paper as it does not warp from the ink. It is much more sturdy and the color just pops. Start screen printing the pink ink. You can use blue painters tape to hold down the stencil or hold it down firmly with your other hand, as shown in the photo.

Step 5: Check for Voids

Lift up the corners of the stencil to make sure the ink has gone all the way through. Once you know there are no voids, lift the stencil completely off.

Step 6: Wash Off the Screen

If you are doing multiple prints, you can lay the stencil down onto the next water color paper, or wash the screen off with water using a plastic canvas. Make sure you do not wait too long or the ink will clog the screen. Allow the ink to completely dry before adding the second design. Using black Speedball ink, screen print the furniture design on top.

Step 7: Display

Once all the ink has dried, add a matted frame and hang on the wall!



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