Make Your Own Weather Station



Introduction: Make Your Own Weather Station

About: Electronic technology hobbyists

This tutorial teaches users how to use Wboard pro with Nextion touch display to build a weather station. It will be interesting

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Step 1: Need the Data File That You Can Download Here

Download Nextion Weather Station HMI Project: nextion weather station hmi project

Download Nextion Weather Station tft project file: Nextion Weather Station tft project file

Step 2: Apply for API_KEY

1 Create an account:
2 Click the activate link in email sent by wunderground to activate your account and log in.

3 Fill up the information to apply for API_KEY

Step 3: Change the API_KEY in WeatherStation

Step 4: Write AT Firmware to Wbord Pro

Programming process reference tutorial:, they are only different in firmware and programming address. Note: make sure your baudrate is 115200.

Download AT firmware:

Obtain the programming firmware and corresponding address:

boot_v1.2+.bin 0x00000 0x01000

esp_init_data_default.bin 0xfc000 (optional)

blank.bin 0x7e000 & 0xfe000

Step 5: Write Arduino Program to Wbord Pro

Open the program:weatherStation.ino

Wboard pro shortcircuit connect 2- 4 ,1 - 3

Write the program to Wboard pro

Step 6: Upload Firmware to Nextion Display

Open nextion_code/weather.HMI by Nextion Editor, then upload the firmware to Nextion display

Step 7: Reset, Wait for Communication Completed

Default display weather of Sydney

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