Make Your Room Cooler Smart in Just $2..!

Introduction: Make Your Room Cooler Smart in Just $2..!

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It feels awesome sleeping in front of Evaporative Air Cooler as everyone prefers natural Air. but as the time passes till night it feels like shivery cold and need to slow it or switch it off.

Here we come with an Easy n Reliable solution which follows the principle of water circulation according to need !

Step 1: Things You Should Have

  1. Zero PCB
  2. Variable resistor (1k ohm).
  3. Transistor (BC 547).
  4. Multimeter.
  5. Soldering Iron and soldering wire.
  6. IC LM358N.
  7. Temperature sensor(LM35).
  8. Old mobile charger.
  9. Some wires.
  10. Basic knowledge of electronics.

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Step 2: Circuit

Make circuit according to given photo.

Step 3: Working

LM35 senses temperature and send signal to LM358N. LM358N sends signal to relay which will cut off the power supply of pump and temperature controlled accordingly. It also saves water.

Step 4: Final Circuit on PCB

Now just connect a phase wire to relay input and connect relay output to pump of cooler. Just do calibrations according to your comfort by rotating variable resistance.

Use multimeter to estimate the voltage for calibration :)

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