Make Your Soldering Tip Like New

Introduction: Make Your Soldering Tip Like New

My soldering is really getting bad so I thought
Of this idea and share it.

What we'll need.

Soldering iron with bad tip

Solder coil

Metal file

Step 1: Grind

Place file smooth surface, then take iron
And grind until the tip is gold,
Then take your solder coil and place on tip.
And your done, please vote thanks caleb.



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    One thing that I have found is if you heat up bare metal in the atmosphere it tends to oxidize. What I do is clean the tip, then I immerse it in molten solder. That way the exposed bare metal is never exposed to the atmosphere while it is hot. I used to do the wrap a coil of solder around the tip, and it just does not work as good. Not even close to as good in fact.

    It's a copper tip in this instructables, and I don't file the plated tips,
    And when file the copper tip i put a coat of solder.

    A lot depends on what your tip is made from, This is connected with how old the soldering iron is.

    Older irons had a copper tip - You can file that down.

    Modern irons have iron or iron plated tips to make them longer lasting. You should NOT file these just wipe the hot tip with a wet sponge every time you use it.

    If you file it or use sand paper you will destroy the iron plating and ruin the tip.

    Just a point.

    This is a good idea but you need to be more detailed in your instructions. It might be easier to make a video. I

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    Here is the short summary for you then: You file off the smudge and burnt residue. If you have a clean copper-tip, you tin it.

    Ok I will trie that.