Make Your Toys LEGO Compatible

This was also a popular project at our Sugru Build Night. The kids had fun pouring through the LEGOs and then either adding LEGOs to toys or making a whole new toy that was LEGO compatible!

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Step 1: Materials

  • Toys that you wish you could attach to LEGOs
  • Lots of LEGOs
  • Sugru

Step 2: How to Do It

This is a pretty simple project. All you have to do is find some toys that you would like to make work with your LEGOs. For our Build Night I picked up some inexpensive toys from Five Below and the kids went to work!

You don't need a lot of Sugru to make the LEGOs stick to your toy. Just pull off a small amount and knead it until smooth. You can then make a small ball with your Sugru and attach it either to the LEGO or the toy. Then attach the piece with the Sugru on it to your other part. You're done! So simple yet so much fun!

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