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I made this project for the Halloween Photo Challenge.

The idea of MisterM inspired me to create a Vampire Robot who likes dancing and who blinks while he is dancing.

Robot's eyes glow yellow when he stands straight, turn to red when the Robot bends one side, and turn to green when he bends opposite side.

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Step 1: The Idea and the Circuit

I add two tilt sensors to find out when the Robot bends right or left. Those tilt sensors connect to different pins of RGB LED. See the wiring diagram.

we need:
The Vampire Robot


Two tilt sensors (I used SW-200D)

Two resistors (I used 220 Ohm).

Battery (I used rechargeable LiPo).

Also, we need some wires and a breadboard for prototyping or proto-board for the final version.

Look at the prototype in action.

The prototype, based on the breadboard was too big for our Robot, so I assemble a compact version on a proto-board.

Step 2: ​Insert the Circuit to the Robot

1. Remove the head and make a hole for the LED.

2. Pass the LED's pins through the hole and connect to the circuit.

3. As far as the Robot becomes much heavy, we need to make Robot's legs harder.

4. Connect the battery. It's dancing time!

Happy Halloween!

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    1 year ago

    What, no Arduino or Raspberry Pi blinking the lights?! Thank goodness!

    Simplicity rules! Thanks for sharing a clever circuit for color changing LEDs!


    1 reply
    Elaina M

    2 years ago

    Super fun! Thanks for sharing this mod! It looks awesome

    1 reply