Make Your Laptop Cooooool(Good Science Project)


Introduction: Make Your Laptop Cooooool(Good Science Project)

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cool down your laptop
Start Temp:135˚fš

You Need:
A Laptop (Powerbookg4 is a Good one)(Thats Mine And that is where i got my username)
Hardware Monitor® for Mac or what ever hard ware temp manager you have
ice packs or Bag of ice

Step 1: Get the Bags

place bags under laptop
☺and watch temp Drop

Step 2: Care Full!

Dont Let the harddrive get to cold

Updateed Photo:

Step 3: Final Product

The Final product of all the cooling



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    16 Discussions

    the metal in my powerbookg4 casing absorbs the cold ice.and spreads throw the grounded wires and cool it.

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    And this causes the water in the air to collect on those wires if you're not careful and don't put any buffer between the cooling element and the laptop.

    wow. I had nooooooo idea that putting ice on a laptop would make it colder. But seriously, I thought this was an instructable where I could trick one out. Wrong impression upon looking at the title. You should fix that...

    the metal grounded wires connected to the metal casing absorbs the cold ice and transfers the coldness.

    Sorry to burst your collective bubbles but this can cause serious damage to your laptop.... Cooling a computer to any temperature below the dew point, or allowing part of it to get that cold is a bad idea. This will easily get parts of the case and motherboard down below the ambient dew point which will cause water to condense onto them from the air. Its the same reason its bad to take computers or other electronics from outside in the winter, and bring them indoors without wrapping them in something to allow the temperature to equalize slowly without the exchange of humid air.

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    Getting a Macbook pro has nothing to do with the computer being able to be cooled below the ambient dew point. If anything, a Macbook will need cooling even more than anthing else. They have the worst cooling I have ever seen in any production computer, other than HP's non-business class stuff.

    My laptop won't start. This error message keeps popping up: "Hung over, turn off the damn lights and keep it down."

    I know the science behind this but he needs to eexplain it more, instead of do this and fallow this picture.

    i think it is because when the computer is cool it functions a lot more efficient and faster.